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DETROIT – An American car security group wants the government to investigate automatic emergency braking on some Nissan Rogue SUVs, claiming that the safety feature causes the vehicles to brake even when there is no emergency.

Nonprofit Center for Auto Security filed a petition with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration seeking the probe. The group says about 675,000 Rogues from 2017 and 2018 the model years should be recalled.

Nissan says it has informed all customers about a software update that improves the performance of the automated brake system. But the center says that the campaigns do not recognize the severity of the vulnerability and give owners little incentive to get the SUVs fixed.

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In a letter published Friday by the government, the Centre's CEO Jason Levine said there were 87 complaints about accidental braking in the security management database. "Many complaints indicate that braking is abrupt or heavy, and threatens both Rogue residents and those in the nearby vehicles who are forced to avoid collision with a suddenly stopped vehicle," the letter said.

Automatic emergency braking uses cameras and radar to slow down or stop vehicles when drivers do nothing. The technology has great potential for saving lives, but it can also develop glitches. Twenty Car Manufacturers representing 99 percent of US's new car sales signed a voluntary agreement with the Government to set the standard for all light vehicles by January 1, 2022.

In its petition, the Center stated that, according to the complaints, the Nissan Brake System can be triggered by railway tracks , traffic lights, bridges, parking structures "and other fixed objects that do not pose a threat to the vehicle."

In an email, Levine said a recall instead of the Nissan service campaign because false activation of the brake system is a safety hazard. He wrote that some drivers turn off the technology because of the problem.

NHTSA said in documents that it would consider giving or refusing the center's petition. Security attorneys and vehicle owners can petition the government to open security surveys.

Nissan said it will continue to work with NHTSA and Canadian security regulators in all product safety issues.

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