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Greatest known diamond in North America found – a 552-carat yellow diamond in Canada

A 552-carat gold diamond was recently discovered in Canada – the largest ever found in North America.

The mining company Dominion Diamond Mines said in a press release on Thursday that the diamond was discovered in October at Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada's Northwest Territories.

The "amazing gemstone" measures 33.74 millimeters at 54.56 millimeters, "said the company.

It was revealed in the first screening process at Diavik's recycling plant, the company said. "Tear marks on the rock surface declare the difficult journey it underwent during recovery, and the fact that it remains intact is remarkable."

Dominion Diamond Mines added that the diamond will not be sold in its rough form, and it is too early to determine the value. The company will choose a partner to cut and polish the stone.

According to the company, this finding exceeds a previous record held by "Diavik Foxfire", an 1[ads1]87.7-carat diamond discovered by the same mine in 2015 by the mining company Rio Tinto. Dominion owns 40% of Diavik Diamond Mine.


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