Governor Whitmer's Administration suggests closing Benton Harbor High because of debt – Story

– Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Administration proposes to close the college in Benton Harbor in the fall of 2020 and send students elsewhere in the corner of southwestern Michigan.

State Secretary Rachael Eubanks says, "Sitting back and doing nothing is not an option."

In a statement on Friday, the state says the Benton Harbor district has over $ 16 million in debt, and students do not do well . Only 3 percent of third places could read at grade level in 2018, and no high school juniors were considered ready for college in the last five years.

Eubanks says the state plan means that K-8 students "can get the skills they need" while high school students can get on the road to success at area schools or Lake Michigan College.

The state says the school district will be closed or converted into a charter school system if the Benton Harbor School Board does not approve the plan.

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