GOP rep criticizes Trump for tweeting Pelosi video

Rep. Will Hurd William Ballard Hurd Democrats talk for Mueller Here are the eight Republicans who voted with Democrats on the Gender Equality Act, approve anti-LGBT discrimination Equality law MER (R-Texas) criticized President Trump [19659004] Donald John TrumpPapadopoulos on AG's new powers: & # 39; Trump is now on offense & # 39; Pelosi uses Trump to his advantage. Mike Pence delivers West Point home address MORE to share a deceptively edited video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Nancy PelosiPelosi uses Trump to his advantage. Fake Pelosi video sparks fear of campaigns. Trump goes aborted ground against prison chat MER (D-Calif.), Says nobody, including Trump, will "convey information that you know is ultimately documented."

Last week, a video viral on conservative social went media that reduced the sound of a Pelosi speech to cause her to slur her words. Shortly after, Trump spoke to another clip of Pelosi that was first broadcast on Fox News. " Lou Dobbs Louis (Lou) Carl DobbsTrump shares edited video of Pelosi that seems to be coming through speeches. Poynter draws blacklist of" unreliable "news sites after impact Trump target Bids firefighting support Twitter barrage MORE Tonight, "several verbal breaks are split together."

"You should not convey information that you know is ultimately documented," Hurd said on Sunday at "Face the Nation," specifically asked The clip Trump has posted. "And this is going to escalate this debate and this fight."

Hurd said the controversy over the original video, which Facebook has said it will not remove, illustrates the lack of readiness by responding to misinformation.

"We have old laws to decide how to handle disinformation. You have leaders who do not understand how this technology can be used in the future. This goes back to this whole conversation about disinformation, and how do we do that, he says. "And it's not just the government alone. It's not just the social media companies. There are also media, academia involved in trying to do this."

Hurd represents a swing district that from 2019 is the only Republican seat on the US / Mexico border. He won 2018 re-election with about 1,150 votes, making it the closest house race in Texas.

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