Google Wallet lets you add your passport by taking a photo

Don’t worry if your favorite store or gym doesn’t have a digital membership card, because you’ll soon have a way to make one yourself. Google Wallet will soon add the ability to store passports in the wallet by taking a photo of the card. As long as it’s a barcode or QR code, you can replicate it on your Android phone for convenience and a backup.

Google also matches Apple when it comes to supporting digital IDs. As of today, Maryland residents can add driver’s licenses and ID cards to Wallet on any device running Android 8 or later. Residents of Arizona, Colorado and Georgia will have the option in the coming months. You can already use Maryland IDs for TSA PreCheck lines at some airports, but an upgrade later this year will let you use digital IDs to verify online accounts or book cars through Turo.

Health insurance cards are also coming to Wallet through Humana in the US and the UK government̵[ads1]7;s HMRC app. As these cards contain sensitive information, you must verify via phone login (such as your fingerprint) when you want to use them. Later this year, you can add corporate brands to Wallet.

You’ll also have a way to get your cards through Google’s Messages app when RCS is enabled. You can check-in for a flight or train trip with a chatbot and get a Wallet pass without leaving the app. This will initially be available to travelers through the Spanish train operator Renfe as well as Vietnam Airlines, while gourmands can reserve restaurants through platforms such as TagMe.

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