Google takes advantage of its financial benefits on its famous sparse website

Want to see all the ways Google helps the economy and create jobs in your state? Just go to Google's homepage.

But you do not have to enter a search.

Google has added a link to the information front and center on its landing page, one of the most visited sites on the internet.

On Tuesday, tech giant began promoting its so-called government financial impact reports on The link to the reports is one of the few parts of the information on the famous sparse white page, except the search box and "I feel lucky" button.

The reports are located, and what is shown depends on the state of your residence. generate and how many hundreds of businesses have utilized their advertising tools.

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Google's decision to lobby on its own has interesting timing, given President Donald Trump's continued barring on social media platforms, including Google's YouTube. Only this week, the White House has released a tool to report social media bias and platform censorship such as YouTube and Facebook.

Many of the democratic candidates in the 2020 presidential competition hope to increase the regulation of "Big Tech" companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

In its quarterly earnings conference in October, CEO Sundar Pichai took time to speak up the company's investments in the US economy, a new talk point that has now become a standard part of the company's quarterly negotiations with investors.

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Based on electronic records, Google appears to have created one Annual National Economic Impact Report every year since at least 2009. A Google spokesperson did not immediately respond to Business Insider's question whether this was the first time that these impact reports were shown on the homepage.

Google even adds links below the search box to promote major events, such as the US President's EU address, and advertise their own products, such as the Pixel phones. But the financial impact reports seem to be a definitely stronger nature for such a highly-visited consumer hub.

Friday's decision to overflow the reports is also a reminder of how much power and now Google has to spread a message on its own.

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