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Google is down; Outbreaks affect mobile and desktop applications in the United States and abroad

If you're having trouble accessing Google Assistant, Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, or other Google apps, you're not alone. According to, all these mentioned apps do not work. We noticed the problem when trying to set a reminder using Google Assistant and discovered the problem. At DownDetector, the number of complaints from Google Search users increased from 7 to over 1300 in minutes.
The problems seem to be worse in the northeastern United States, parts of Texas and in Southern California. Overseas parts of U.K., Germany and Austria are affected. And the problem isn't limited to Google's mobile apps, as Google desktop applications also seem to be out of order.

UPDATE: Google has issued the following claim: "We are experiencing high levels of traffic in the eastern United States, affecting more services in Google Cloud, G Suite, and YouTube. Users can see slow performance or intermittent errors. we have identified the root cause of the overload and expect to return to normal service as soon as possible. "

We & # 39; d suggests you quietly find some videos on YouTube to stream while waiting for Google to fix anything. However, YouTube is a Google app, and the number of app appeals rises from 1[ads1]6 to over 20,000 in minutes. 42% of those complaining said they can't watch videos, 29% can't open the YouTube site, and 28% can't sign in.

Outbreaks officially started at 2:57 pm EDT. From 7 pm, the service is starting to approach "normal" in some regions, although some Google apps are still weak.

  More than 20,000 people complained that YouTube was down

More than 20,000 people complained that YouTube was down

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