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Google is at the center of a storm over Big Tech

"Until we see what they intend to do, none of this means," Lynn said. "Maybe they just melt smoke, so the president will be happy for a moment so they can return to doing nothing."

FTC's highest profile technology antitrust case in the last decade involved Google. In 2011, the Commission opened a survey on whether the company ranked the search results of competing shopping, travel and review sites unfairly low. It concluded the survey in 2013 with unanimous vote from the five commission commission which left Google largely unharmed outside of any minor voluntary commitments.

In 2015, The Wall Street Journal achieved the original F.T.C. Staff report, which was much more critical than what was published at that time. Google's behavior has resulted in – and will result – in real harm to consumers and to innovation in the web searches and advertising markets, "the report concluded.

Consumer Groups have chastised the FTC Decision as a failure of US anti-trust enforcement that accelerated the pace of technological giants Monopoly Google, Facebook and Amazon control online advertising market, and Google has grown from $ 38 billion in revenue in 2011 to $ 136 billion last year.

Since the FTC Investigation has ended, complaints against Google have expanded. Complained to US regulators include Yelp, consumer review sites, and travel sites such as TripAdvisor.

European regulators have accused Google of abusing their dominance in the smartphone industry with their Android operating system, used in 80 percent of the world's smartphones. $ 5.1 billion regulators for a Automatically install the search engine and other applications on Android phones.

Sundar Pichai, the company's CEO, has denied allegations of antitrust breaches, as well as biased charges. Following the European decision he said on Twitter that "rapid innovation, wide selection and falling prices are classic features of robust competition."

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