Google employee, Saratoga degree, found death in the NYC office

NEW YORK – A 22-year-old employee at Google's headquarters in New York City and a recently trained Saratoga Springs candidate was found dead in sixth floor of the office building on Friday.

Scott Krulcik, a 2014 candidate from Saratoga Springs, was found at the company's offices in Chelsea at 21:00 on Friday.

Police say there were no signs of trauma, and death does not seem suspicious. The city's medical examination site determines the cause of death.

Krulcik's Linkedin page says he started working with Google in August after being employed as a trainee in the summer of 2017.

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University last year with a degree in computer science.
Google Representatives did not immediately return email addresses seeking comments.

Saratoga Kyokushin Academy of Elite Martial Arts sent a tribute to Krulcik on Facebook Sunday, when both he and his dad Bob were black belts and trained at the facility.

The Martial Arts Academy said that Krulcik was also a former wilderness instructor who traveled with an academic teacher for a program at Yellowstone National Park.

"Taken from us too far too young an age this warrior poet will be missed by all of us," wrote the academy.

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