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Google Cloud to launch new region in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City becomes the third Google Cloud region in the western United States and the sixth region of the country.

Google Cloud Platform is a series of cloud computing services, including data storage, data analysis, computing, and machine learning. Like many of its competitors, Google Cloud has pushed to build new data centers to expand its service and has opened 15 new regions and 45 zones in 13 countries over the past three years, according to a press release from Google.

On Tuesday, webbeemoth announced that two new regions will be launched in 2020: Seoul, South Korea, and Salt Lake City, Utah. This expansion will bring the total number of global regions to 23.

Google customers can expect to use the Seoul region in early 2020, followed by the Salt Lake City region "shortly after," the release says.

"Known for healthcare, financial services and IT industries, Salt Lake City is a hub for data center infrastructure. This new region will allow customers in the Silicon Slopes area to run low latency, hybrid cloud loads," said Google's press release.

Salt Lake will be the third western US region along with Oregon and Los Angeles to host a data center that allows developers to build distributed applications across multiple regions in the West, Google's Product Manager Director, Dominic "Preuss, TechCrunch.

" Team Utah is pleased to welcome a Google Cloud region to Salt Lake, "President and CEO of EDCUtah, Theresa Foxley, said in Google's press release." This new region will improve cloud computing Utah-based enterprise infrastructure, giving them faster access to Google Cloud products and services and providing technical innovations then closer to where they do business. We look forward to welcoming the new region to Salt Lake City by 2020. "

According to CNET, Google does not plan to make additional real estate investments in Seoul or Salt Lake.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Editor's Note: An earlier issue of this article originally reported, Google Cloud will launch a new data center in Salt Lake City, the article corrected to show the company will launch a new cloud-based region.

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