Google CEO had to explain Congress Why Googling & Idiot & # 39; shows Donald Trump

Search for the phrase "idiot" on Google, and more photos by President Donald Trump will appear high in the image results.

On Tuesday, the search engine chief executive Sundar Pichai had the task of explaining to Congress members why that happens during a hearing in front of the Household Committee.

Pichai refused Rep. Zoe Lofgrens (D-Calif.) Tongue-in-cheek suggests that it was down to "a little man behind the curtain" that was separating the results against conservatives – the company does not say "manually interfere" in search.

"We offer searches today for each time you type a keyword. We, like Google, have crawled and saved copies of billions of pages in our index, and we take the keyword and match it to the pages and rank them out of over 200 signals, explains Pichai.

"Things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how others use it. And based on that, you know, at all times, we try to find the best results for that question, "he added during the hearing, which also cast several other self-esteem to legislators.

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