Google & # 39; Order Online & # 39; makes the restaurant delivery easy and in the browser

Google rolled out a new feature you can use in Search, Maps, and Google Assistant that allows you to order restaurant delivery without downloading a delivery app on your mobile device or visiting a delivery service from your computer.

Google's new feature has no name, but you should now see an option on "Order Online" when searching for a restaurant in Search, Maps and Google Assistant, at least if this restaurant is part of a delivery service such as Google has partnered with.

The new order online feature is not just Google. It works in conjunction with delivery services such as DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice and ChowNow. Google said it adds new services like Zuppler "and others" soon.

Google's "order online" feature lets you initially order delivery from a restaurant without worrying if the restaurant is part of the delivery service you use. It will show which delivery service the restaurant is working with, as well as the delivery fee that the service can have.

If you do not have an account with the delivery service used with the Google Order online, it will quickly create one with your Google Account.

Essentially, Google's "order online" feature gives you quick and easy access to multiple delivery services.

It's incredibly easy and fast ̵[ads1]1; here's a preview of how it works:

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