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Goldman recommends buying Ford stock, forecasts $ 12 price

Ford Motor Co. started the week with good news from Goldman Sachs Equity Research, with a stock recommendation lifted from "neutral" to "buy" on Monday.

In addition, Goldman increased its 12-month price target on Ford to $ 12 from $ 9. The stock this month dipped to a nine-year low, as low as $ 8.19. [19659006] Key factors affecting the revised recommendation include expanding new models, especially the release of SUVs and corporate restructuring.

"While we are still ex-pecting a downward earnings path into 2019 (North America profit suppression), we believe next year will represent overall earnings, and the combination of a renewed product cadee globally, as well as cost enhancements from strategic measures will begin grab a report sent by David Tamberrino, Chartered Financial Analyst at Goldman.

In short, he assumes that 2019 is lower than 2018, but 2020 will show gains.

"With the investor's feelings still skewed against GM over Ford , we believe that any incremental announcements (i.e., termination of operations and business decisions around underperforming regions / product lines) will probably be seen positively. " More: The Ford share looks the biggest increase since 2011 after earnings report

Goldman said that Ford has "underprivileged its peers" because of its old product range in both the US and China. Goldman Sa Chs also pointed to Ford's plan to drive $ 25.5 billion in efficiency related to material costs, product engineering, production and marketing.

Ford spokesman Brad Carroll said that the company actually "moves at a speed and takes proactive steps to transform and restructure the business." We will continue to capitalize on our strengths, strengthen underperforming products and regions and selective and smart disposition where we do not We can be sure that the market will continue to recognize our progress over time. "

Marketwatch noted Monday its total analyst recommendations for Ford: three" buy ", 18" teams "and a" sell. "[19659005] Goldman Sachs noted that skeptical investors point to the potential for "North America production falls, a yield shot, F Series's market share loss, reversal of mix shifts back to passenger cars and continued decline in China."

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