Girl Scouts resume century-old tradition of annual cookie sales – Local News

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – It's the Girl Scout cookie season.

2 million cookies are in Central Indiana right now.

It's a 100-year tradition, with the goal of raising money while learning girls marketing, sales, and communication skills.

When the campaign is over, 49,000 central Indiana Girl Scouts will sell 3 million boxes.

Revenue, about $ 2 million, remains local and much of it is being put back in community service projects.

The original cookie was a shortbread like today's Trefoil.

But other flavors were added over the years and the top seller nationwide and here in Indiana it is by far Thin Mints.

Did You Know It's Personality

Thin Minter is associated with being impenetrable, confident and communicative.

The crowded trefoils are similar to go-getters that are confident and thrive under pressure.

And Samoas are complex cookies, appealing to br ainy type, some smart and focused and a loyal friend.

Are you still looking for your Girl Scout cookies this year? Click here for more information.

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