Ghosn: Bail relationship revealed by lawyer

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Carlos Ghosn nectar strongly offended

The lawyer of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has revealed the terms his client had to face to ensure his first release from imprisonment at citizen.

Conditions The 65-year-old had met with a single computer in his law office and a cell phone.

A 24-hour surveillance camera also had to be installed at the entrance to his court ordinarily resident.

Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo last week, pending attempts by

He has been arrested over suspicion that he was trying to enrich himself at the expense of the car manufacturer.

In a statement, sir. Ghosn ̵[ads1]1; who refuses to do anything wrong, he said he was arrested was "outrageous and arbitrary"

Internet records

Mr Ghosn's lawyer, Takashi Takano, published a blog post (in Japanese) over the weekend where he outlined the customer's bail terms after he was released from prison on March 6.

Mr Ghosn had been released at $ 9m (£ 6.8m) bail a Fter 108 days in custody.

The conditions mentioned by Mr Ghosn must not escape or hide, not travel abroad. Any journey within Japan of more than three days would have required court decisions.

Any change of address must also be approved by a court.

Ghosn also had to keep a log of everyone he met – except for his wife and lawyer – as well as records of phone calls and internet usage.

He was also ordered not to contact a number of other defendants, including board member Greg Kelly, suspected of collaborating with Ghosn.

& # 39; Groundless & nbsp;

Tokyo prosecutors entered Ghosn's residence before 6:00 am local time on Thursday at 9:00 pm GMT and took him to their office suspected of having misappropriated Nissan personal funds , the Japanese broadcaster NHK reported. [19659007] Ghosn's lawyer said it was almost unheard of to arrest anyone after being released on the citizen.

"I am innocent of the unfounded charges and charges against me," Ghosn said in a statement published by his representatives.

He said the arrest was "part of another attempt by some people in Nissan to put me off misleading the charges".

Nissan holds an extraordinary general meeting Monday, where the car manufacturer is expected to reject Ghosn and

Oman links?

The movement is the last twist in a case that has attracted global attention.

Ghosn was the architect of the alliance between Nissan and French automaker Renault, and boarded Mitsubishi in 2016. He is credited by turning Nassan and Renault on fortune for several years.

Prosecutors said Ghosn's recent arrest of Nissan funds transfers totaling $ 15 million between 2015 and 2018.

They suspect that $ 5m of that amount was being spent by Mr Ghosn for personal expenses.

Local media had previously said that the authorities had built a new case against him that involved payments to a dealer Ip in Oman.

In Japan, prosecutors are allowed to arrest a suspect on a slightly different charge, with court approval. The clock is then reset and another 20-day interrogation can begin.

Allegations of misdemeanor

Mr Ghosn was first arrested in November to undermine his salary. He was re-arrested twice in December and is facing three charges.

He was first accused of underreporting his salary package for five years to 2015.

In January, a new charge claimed that he underestimated the compensation for another three years and he was also accused of a new, more serious case of breach of trust.

The engine consultant had said on April 3 in a newly created Twitter account that he planned a press conference on April 11 to tell the truth about what's going on.

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