Get Whopper for Crown like Burger King McDonald's Spells with Whopper Detour & # 39; promotion

A new campaign from Burger King sounds too good to be true.

For eight days, the chain initially removes its iconic Whoppers for a crown.

But there is a small catch: you have to help

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To earn money on one sale, you must enter a McDonald car park. All customers must do is stop within 600 feet of the golden arches, order a Whopper on Burger Kings relayed app, then follow together when navigating to the nearest Burger King.

The chain says the concept is simple as long as you do not try to actually order a Whopper from McDonald's.

The campaign, called "Whopper Detour", is good until December 1[ads1]2th.

McDonald has not yet commented on Burger King's trick.

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