Georgia's letterman's last route captures America's heart

FEELINGSVILLE – Floyd Martin was a party list in a Georgia community for more than 30 years, delivering mail and smiles along the way.

It was completed on Wednesday when the 61-year-old completed his last route before retirement. But it was how those who he sent email to reply made his story a viral sensation.

Jennifer Brett, reporter with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, followed Martin for his latest route and tweeted along the way . Martin told Brett that he graduated from a high school just outside Atlanta in 1975, and joined the US post office a few years later after offering to double the payment he made on the bank, he worked on.

Breton's routine Wednesday included clamps from those he sent mail to and someone in the neighborhood delivered gifts to Martin as he came with his post.

"Children on the route of their love, love, LOVE Mr. Floyd," Brett tweeted along with a picture of Martin with a young neighborhood child who once even dressed himself as a post carrier himself . Other neighbors talked about how Martin would smile and wave every day, feed his pets or look at older neighbors on the route.

Neighbors themselves decorated their mailboxes in streamers, balloons or cards to celebrate Martin's career and let him know that he was loved in society.

Perhaps the most touching part of It was after his shift ended when more than 300 people from the route greeted him with a pension block party. There the residents had to thank him for everything he did for them, hug and take pictures with him.

"It's been wonderful. They were my friends," Martin told Brett at the end of his route . "I could have left them a long time ago, but I didn't want me to love them."

Bret's first tweet has received more than 35,000 retweets in about 48 hours, as well as many more affected by seeing what influence a kind person can have on a community.

"This thread was very touching. My grandfather was a retired letter carrier and served as a manager after his retirement. He loved his job and the families he delivered to. Best wishes to Mr. Floyd," a person responded .

"Congratulations Floyd on your 35 years of service – and clearly touching so many. The world needs more people like you," another added .

But there is an even happier end to a history book career.

Having learned his dream was to visit Hawaii one day, the neighborhood banded together to start a GoFundMe * to fund a retirement gift. From early Friday afternoon, nearly $ 19,000 had been donated to Martin's retirement dream. Delta Airlines also offered to cover Martin's flight to Hawaii.

* does not warrant that the funds deposited in the account will be used for the benefit of the persons appointed as beneficiaries. If you are considering a deposit into your account, you should consult your own advisers and otherwise proceed at your own risk.

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