General Motors strike may draw to close, based on anecdotal signs

FLINT (WJRT) (27/27/2019) – Anecdotal signs point to the possibility of an agreement to end the General Motors strike soon.

United Auto Workers members are on strike from General Motors.

Dealers with GM and United Auto Workers reported no updates directly from the negotiating table Friday. But they work longer and later at night, in an effort to get a deal done.

Carriers moving parts between suppliers and GM plants have also been told to be ready to roll to reach a preliminary agreement.

The mood on the fence lines outside the GM production complex in Flint was a combination of hopeful optimism and resolution to endure as long as necessary for a favorable deal on Friday ̵[ads1]1; the 12th day of the strike.

Thursday, GM restored health care to strikers through September. Some saw it as a positive sign, while others said GM changed course because of the bad press they received.

When a preliminary agreement is reached, workers will not automatically return to work. The proposal will still have to be submitted to workers who want a ratification vote.

Contrary to earlier, workers have returned to their jobs while this poll is taking place. But the UAW is reportedly considering a plan that will keep workers on strike until the vote is complete.

The union pays workers $ 50 per day while on strike – or $ 250 a week. Their first strike salary checks are expected to be distributed early next week.

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