General Motors is starting to take orders for its electric bike

General Motors revealed only its electric bike in an attempt to defend itself against an uncertain future for cars.

The largest American automaker on Thursday released the name of the bike Ariv and said it will start taking orders in selected countries in Europe.

The name is the result of a campaign announced in November.There are two versions: Report, a compact e-bike, and joining, a collapsible e-bike.

GM launches the bikes in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, where lithium -ion ​​battery-powered e-bikes are popular. In Belgium and the Netherlands, Ariv Meld starts under $ 3,200 and Ariv Merge is around $ 3,800. Prices will be slightly lower in Germany. GM expects to start shipping to customers in the second quarter. [1[ads1]9659003] There is another move from a large automaker to expand the portfolio to protect against the uncertainties of a changing market, GM and rivals have expanded into scooters, car sharing and self-propelled cars in an effort to remain relevant at a time when there. the consumer's transport choices change, even the motorcycle poop producer Harley-Davidson has unveiled lightweight electric two-wheel concepts as fear of falling equestrian growth.

"I think both GM and Ford are both exploring unconventional transport options because their overall vehicle sales have been declining," said CFRA analyst Garrett. Nelson said. "We see GM's e-bike and Ford's latest e-scooter investment [in Spin] as an attempt to appeal to a younger and more urban demographic, whose transportation needs turn out to be significantly different from previous generations."

With ride-hailing companies and similar businesses spreading, some business people wonder if latitudes of future generations themselves will consider car ownership at all.

"Carmakers is very concerned about the consequences of this ongoing shift in consumer preferences on their long-term car sales, especially with the launch of Uber, Lyft, and various tour-sharing options that were not available several years ago," Nelson said. that this demographic may not need – or will – buy a vehicle at all. "

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