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Future Food: This genetically engineered salmon can beat US markets as early as 2020


Megan Thompson:

Aquabounty first applied for approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 1995.

While genetically modified plants have been regulated for more than 25 years, the FDA had never approved a genetically engineered animal as food for. And then it took them two decades to make a decision.

And it was stiff opposition – protesters sent nearly 2 million comments to the FDA and nearly 80 dealers promised not to sell it.

Despite the concern, in 2015, the FDA approved Aquadvantage salmon, saying the product is "safe to eat", "has no significant environmental impact", and found "non-biologically relevant differences" between GE salmon and other farm -raised salmon.

Next year the Canadian government gave the salmon its approval stamp, and Aquabounty hit the market there first, since it sold a modest $ 20,000 of its product. Canadian opponents remain furious.

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