Fox on Tech: Google driverless taxis

It looks like these days, the market is flooded with running apps, every promising better service and lower prices than the next. From Uber to Lift to Gett, there is no shortage of taxi options for tech savvy Americans. Now a new company throws the hat in the ring, and that's what most people know. The alphabet – Google's parent company – has launched its own service, Waymo. The app can save you a lot of time, but do not expect a witty shooter with your driver – Waymo fleet is almost entirely self-propelled cars.

Officially called "Waymo One", the autonomous taxis are now on the roads of Phoenix for a beta test. As far as users report good service without major mistakes or accidents. But for now, not everyone is able to board aboard, only Phoenix residents who have already used Waymo can request a self-propelled car. And for the first months of the program, there will still be a driver behind the wheel to ensure passenger safety.


The wider Waymo program launched last year in Phoenix and has about 400 users. The new Waymo One service will be available 24 hours a day, and it works in the same way as other roll-sharing programs: you enter your destination, the app tells you the ticket and contacts nearby cars for availability. While the beta test continues, Waymo encourages customers to bring their friends on the trip to help reveal more of the public to self-propelled cars.

The program should also expand soon. Back in October, Waymo was given permission to start testing car-free cars in California. So if you live in the golden state, the next cabin you have, do not have a driver!

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