Fortnite Maker Gets & # 39; F & # 39; in customer service from BBB

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Epic can swim in a pool of money thanks to the success of Fortnite and the debut of his exclusive gobbling Steam competitor, but it's also hearing the better Business Bureau tells It in hot water with its own customers.

Today, the Better Business Bureau announced that it was awarded Epic with an F, which is the lowest possible, and calls 247 "missed customer complaints" on its website.

"A majority of complaints sent to the BBB against Epic Games deal with customer service and refund or exchange issues," wrote BBB. "BBB has tried to contact Epic Games on several occasions, but the company has failed to respond."

Now it should be noted that the BBB is not an official state or regulatory body, despite what it may state, dress and dress name might suggest. Instead, it is a national network of non-profit groups that strive to make businesses better by providing services such as dispute resolution, lobbying against false business practices, and providing consumer information through company pages and letter grades.

But over the years It has been accused of shady conditions involving its paid business accreditation program and questionable grading methods involving companies that had taken action against them by government agencies. These accusations led to changes in the organization, but if nothing else, the fact that companies have to pay to be accredited is a continuous conflict of interest for the BBB, which has nevertheless proved to be profitable for nonprofit. 19659003] Many of the complaints at Epic's BBB site center around unauthorized credit card prices and account hacking issues Kotaku reported early last year. At that time, Epic told Kotaku that it was "aware of instances where users' accounts have been compromised by known hacking techniques" and "worked to resolve those issues directly with the involved actors", but the problem looks to have persistent, given that many of these complaints have occurred in recent months.

Other complaints are about lack of repayments and what people think is unfair prohibitions and suspensions. "Epic Games ripped off my 12 year old", reads a complaint from December 2018. "His account was banned because someone hacked into it, and they did nothing to help, support or resolve."

An epic spokesman told Kotaku that the company has actually addressed complaints on its BBB site, only via its own channels. "Epic Games is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, and has redirected all players sent complaints from the BBB to our support staff," the spokesman said, providing a link to the Epic customer service page.

For now though F remains, meaning Epic is down in the muck with Valve, who has been on the BBB's most scarce letter for years. It's not good for Epic's chances to climb up to a C +: Now that Epic is launching a new store, it will have a whole new type of complaining customers.

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