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Former Unhoused Woman Wins $5M in California Lottery

Former homeless Lucia Forseth is now rolling in dough after picking up $5 million from the California lottery, reports Los Angeles Times. Her lucky break came during a pit stop at a Contra Costa County Walmart for an oil change. With time to kill, she bought a single Scratchers ticket. “I just closed my eyes and picked one,” Forseth said. At first glance, she thought she had won a free ticket. But no, she had become a multi-millionaire. “Six years ago,” Forseth told the California Lottery, “I was homeless. This year I’m getting married, getting my associate’s degree, and won $5 million. You never think you have a chance to win it. It̵[ads1]7;s just random.”

In the lottery’s press release, spokeswoman Carolyn Becker said, “California Lottery’s sole mission is to raise additional funds for public education, and that’s only possible with the support of our players. Hearing a success story like this shows the positive impact our games have on winners and schools. ” Forseth indicated that she did not wish to speak to the press. Winning the lottery has significant benefits and pitfalls, notes Yahoo Finance. On the positive side, it can result in a sudden influx of wealth that can provide greater financial freedom, the ability to pay off debt and the ability to invest or make charitable donations.

On the downside, CNBC reports, the sudden fallout can also result in negative psychological effects. It can also strain relationships and cause privacy issues due to public attention. In addition, winners often risk bankruptcy due to poor financial management. Also, there is the so-called “lottery curse.” Numerous winners have experienced misfortune after their win, ranging from financial problems to personal problems. (Read more stories about lottery winners.)

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