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Ford's Electric Mustang, A Gadget-Stealing Hack and more news

Thieves scan and Ford plans, but first a cartoon about subscription dreams.

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Today's news

How Ford created Mach-E, its fully electric Mustang SUV

Yes, you read correctly: Ford made a fully electric … Mustang … SUV. It's called Mach-E, and will be rolled out next year. The SUV shares some of the distinctive looks of a Mustang, and the GT model comes with 459 horsepower. Ford is concerned about the SUV's other specifications, but has made it clear that Tesla should look back.

Burglars really use Bluetooth scanners to find laptops and phones

Burglars don't have to see expensive things to know they are in a locked car ̵

1; all they need is a Bluetooth scanner. Burglars use these to sniff out Bluetooth signals from things like phones and laptops, and get bang for the burglary. There is another good reason to turn off Bluetooth when you are not using it.

Quick facts: 0

That's how many places you can fly to without real ID next fall. From October 1, 2020, TSA will stop accepting the early driver's license you likely have in your wallet, as will other federal facilities, from courthouses to nuclear power plants. So maybe add a trip to the DMV this holiday season.

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