Ford sold 2 models know they changed to neutral on the road


Ford launched and continued to sell its Focus and Fiesta models, insisting that they were safe, even though their transfers would go neutral on their own on the highway, have a survey found – or cause the car to accelerate in traffic. As long as everything else worked, drivers should be able to pull over to the side of the road without incident, the car manufacturer said. Detroit Free Press investigated internal documents, emails, and legal records showing that Ford engineers and executives are trying to contain damage this year from the car's dual-link, high-quality transmission. The company ignored early warnings and rejected when the issues were ready to make a costly change in the transfer. At least 1[ads1].5 million of the cars, launched for the 2010-11 model years, are still underway. The 2019 model is the latest Fiesta; The focus ended with the 2018 model year.

Ford now faces thousands of angry customers, repair bills in hundreds of millions, government surveys and consumer litigation that is "growing in all regions." Not counting lawsuits, "total quality related expenses" for manual transmission through 2020 could hit $ 3 billion, an international report from 2016, according to Free Press . Owners told the newspaper their horror stories: "My car would actually accelerate uphill in my parking garage. As I would leave the gas on the highway, I would go up to 10 mph faster on a flat road. stoplight. "" I literally got off the highway when the car shifted in the drive and suddenly lost gear. "Ford told the paper Wednesday in a statement that conversations under development about" challenges common to innovative new technology "were" normal exchanges ". It said that many owners were not using the transmission's feelings, and that several problems evolved after the cars were on their way, the solutions took longer than expected, Ford said, adding: "We regret the inconvenience and frustration that caused some consumers." More Ford Focus stories.)

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