Ford Mustang Mach-E leaks ahead of LA Auto Show debut

Mach-E is here a little early, but hot damn, it looks good.

2021 Mustang Mach-E reservation page leaked Thursday night, and it includes all kinds of fun things like non-camouflaged photos and even specifications. So how's that?

It actually looks pretty good. We especially dig the classic French taillights and the trapezoidal grille at the front, as well as the prominent rear notches that help give it more than a little Big Pony Energy.

When we talk about energy, the leak says that the car will pack around $ 230 with range on the cheaper Select version, clocking in at only $ 43,985 and making the Mach-E super-accessible to buyers.

The Mach-E First Edition becomes available with four-wheel drive, a range of about 270 miles and a four-wheel-drive model capable of a 5-second sprint to 60 mph. Not bad, but the price tag for this limited edition model is a little steeper than we would like $ 59,900 before incentives.

First Edition will cost you quite a penny, but for some early adopters it will be worth it.

There is a cheaper Premium trim that has a 300-mile range starting at just over $ 50,000 available with either rear or four-wheel drive. Just above it is a California Route 1[ads1] trim for $ 52,400 that divides the Premium trim range by 300 miles.

Finally, it is rumored that it is a faster GT version (because, duh), but none of the leaked screens we have seen show the specifications.

Even with all this area, charging is always a concern, and Ford's leak says that the Mach-E will reach the 47-mile range in 10 minutes when connected to a 150 kW DC fast charger. [19659005] Things start to get interesting when you see the inside of the Mach-E thanks to the huge, vertically oriented touchscreen that definitely reminds us of it in the Tesla Model S, and it's not a bad vehicle to compare with.

And that's basically it. We look forward to now until for the vehicle's official unveiling on November 17 even more, so follow along on the Roadshow to see the rest of Mach-E & # 39; s bonafides.

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