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DETROIT – The United Autoworkers (UAW) union's strike against General Motors is during the second week.

Tuesday marks the ninth day since union leaders decided to launch a national strike on Sunday, September 15, against the automaker. The next day, nearly 50,000 union members had stopped reporting for work.

During this past weekend, things seemed to be moving forward in the negotiations between General Motors and UAW. Sources said "good progress" was made Saturday between the union and GM.

However, Sunday and Monday both went unchallenged. The talks between the two parties have centered on wages, profit sharing and a faster path to full-time pay.


Sunday was called a "solidarity day", an event in which all union members were encouraged to walk the picket line. Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Elizabeth Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts protested to workers at the GM Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, and expressed solidarity with them.

Similar protests from Solidarity Sunday were held around the country in support of GM workers and members of the United Car Workers.

Union demands

UAW said workers are striving to ensure:

  • Reasonable Salary
  • Reasonable Health Care
  • Their Share of Profit
  • Job Security
  • A Defined Way to Permanent Seniority for Employees

GM stated that it presented "a strong offering that improves wages, benefits and growing American jobs in substantial ways. "

In total, trade unions have closed 33 production facilities in nine states and 22 parts of distribution warehouses. Negotiations between the two parties have been ongoing all week, but it is unclear when a new agreement can be reached and when the strike will end.

The work is idling at a GM engine plant in Saint Catherine's, Ontario due to a lack of parts. Workers at the Oshawa Ontario Truck Plant were laid off last week for lack of parts.

Aramark workers strike

UAW members also launched a strike against Aramark in Michigan and Ohio. Around 850 union workers went on strike against Armark the day before the UAW-GM strike began.

"We have UAW members who work long, hard hours and are still on public assistance," said Gerald Kariem, director of UAW Region 1[ads1]D. "It's shameful."

Aramark maintenance workers in Hamtramck, Warren, Flint, Grand Blanc and Parma, Ohio have been working on an extended contract since March 2018, UAW said.

Main questions are about salary, cap on health insurance, vacation time and pension of NOK 401 000.

"Every day, UAW members go to work and keep these facilities profitable," said UAW Region 1 Director Frank Stuglin. "It is amazing that Aramark has not agreed to negotiate in good faith over their contributions."

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