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Florida investor reveals secret to evicting squatters


May 6, 2023 | 11:58

A Florida real estate investor doesn̵[ads1]7;t do squats.

He has discovered a little-known legal method to get rid of squatters and wants to help other landlords in the state avoid lengthy court battles by using an obscure Florida law.

A landlord who only wanted to be identified by his first name, Sam, told Fox News he was tipped off about a law that allows police to evict illegal residents if their landlords sign a declaration saying they are squatters.

He made the discovery after successfully lobbying a local television station to cover his story in February.

“If ‘Help Me Howard’ hadn’t come through and I hadn’t found this statute, I would probably still be dealing with the legal system today,” Sam added, referring to WSVN 7 News’ consumer assistance. that covered his story.

Sam’s North Miami home, which was under contract for sale, sat empty while he waited for permits to replace the roof. The squatters took over and threatened Sam when he confronted them.

“They started pushing us around, me and my workers and screaming and shouting,” he said. “I have no idea who these people are, and I realize that it must obviously be these people who are squatting.”

When the police arrived, a squatter produced a fake lease.

The police secure Sam’s house after he discovers a Florida statute that allowed them to help.
Fox News/Sam

The police then told Sam that he had to turn on the utilities and give them a house key until the matter was resolved in court.

But after contacting WSVN’s “Help Me Howard” show and starting what he expected to be lengthy legal proceedings, Sam received a call from a police officer who told him that under a little-known Florida law, squatters can be evicted with a signed declaration as long as the squatter is a transient trespasser and not a former tenant.

The plan worked and the police helped Sam secure the home, although it wasn’t easy.

Damage in the shower at Sam’s house caused by squatters.
Fox News/Sam

“She cursed at me all the time,” he said of one of the squatters. “As they passed us they shouted and cursed and she said, ‘I’ll find you’ and other horrible things.”

Sam discovered that one of the squatters, Shaneria Josey, has faced nine evictions.

Sam contacted her previous homeowner, who said Josey poured concrete down the property’s pipes after she was evicted but before she was out of the home.

The damage cost the landlord 150,000 dollars.

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