Flights to Seattle derived after severe turbulence, 3 taken to hospital

Photo courtesy Joe Justice

SEATTLE – A Delta flight from Orange County, California, to Seattle was diverted to Reno on Wednesday afternoon after experiencing severe turbulence, according to a Compass Airlines spokesman.

Five people on board were allegedly injured during the flight. Two passengers and a flight attendant were taken to the hospital for evaluation, according to the spokesman. The extent of their damage is unclear at this time.

The spokesman said the plane landed safely and that Delta made resources available to support the passengers. Passengers were expected to arrive in Seattle at 5am on an alternative flight.

"We are an emergency aircraft, many injuries, we do not have the number of injuries, my understanding is that we have two airline companies that may not be in the disabled with multiple passengers," said the pilot in a recording to the Air Traffic Control.

Joe Justice recorded a video while on the plane after the turbulence.

"Crazy turbulence and injuries, but the Delta crew handled it perfectly, even the emergency landing," Justice said.

The aircraft, Compass Air Flight 5763, operated as Delta Flight 5763.

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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