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Flight flight from hell leaves more than 200 passengers stuck for days

More than 200 British Airways passengers were trapped in a three-day flight from hell from Orlando to London, which was stuck for two days at two different airports.

Gatwick Airport-bound Flight 2036 was scheduled to leave Orlando Thursday night, but mechanical problems due to the flight in Florida for 24 hours, says irate passengers.

When the plane went on Friday night, dumping of fuel in the air and lowering the landing gear in high altitude before

"I was pretty scared," said Daisy May Dixon, 14.

Fuming pilots, like Dixon, were lying on the floor at Terminal 7 the night they said.

19659002] British Airways sent a relief plane to pick up the fearsome passengers and get them back to London on Saturday.

A British Airways spokesman called the problems a "little technical problem" and asked to explain the customers for the delay, claiming that it was trying to get people s to London "as soon as possible."

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