Cellular technology is about to make an evolutionary leap. 5G is almost here. But you have to wait a little longer. Here's why.

9.45 Verizon customers on the east coast continued to complain about a text breach, but Verizon representatives said the problem was completely resolved.

Tuesday morning, a subtitle interruption hit customers across the east coast, causing angry customers to take to social media. Social media reports on the outbreak first discovered at five o'clock.

But at 9:45 pm, the service was completely restored to all affected customers, said David Weissmann, PR head of Verin's Northeast market.

"The problem has been completely solved," said Weissmann. "Anyone who was affected by this problem should be completely solved at this time."

Engineers had identified the problem and the service was completely restored, he said. 19659005] Despite Weissmann's statements, customers continued to tweet service issues to Verinson's customer service, which is still responding to customers saying there is an error.

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Some customers called for a hashtag to push Verizon to fix the problem, while others pointed out how much people rely on subtitles.

Although Verizon did not confirm the scope of the outbreak, the Down Detector, a site that tracks service and power outages, had a map of reported breakdowns.

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