Less than two weeks after Fisher-Price recalled its popular Rock & # 39; Play Play sleepers, two class action cases have been filed against Fisher-Price and its parent company, Mattel.

12. April Recall 4.7 Million Rock & # 39; n Play sleepers came a week after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price issued a security warning that 10 babies died. Days after April 5, the consumer survey was linked to the product of over 30 infant deaths since 2009.

The first suit filed on April 1

8 by Samantha Drover-Mundy and Zachary Mundy in Delaware, said the recall did not come soon enough to save his 12-week daughter, as they say dead minutes after being placed in a Rock & Play's Play Sleeper in September.

"This recall was too late to save the lives of more than 30 infants and to avoid the damage of many other infants caused by the Rock & nbsp; Play," the trial said. "The Rock & nbsp; Play causes death or damage to infants because the defective design allows them to move into positions where they cannot breathe. "[ThenextdayCassandrasentMulveyNassauCountyNewYorkasuitsayingshereceivedtheitemasagiftin2016to"useassleepingforthenightorprolongedsleepforherinfant"

Laws claim that marketing of Rock & # 39; n Play "was dangerously false and deceptive." [19659003] In both cases, families are seeking indefinite injuries and want to create two classes of potential claimants: one for New York and the other nationwide.

The Drover-Mundy package also seeks to create a class for infants who were injured Revoke Note: Fisher Prize remembers 4.7 million Rock & # 39 ; n Play sleepers

How to get a refund: Fisher Price Rock & # 39; N Games have been recalled over infant deaths.

Fisher-Price Rock # 39; N Play Sleeper (Photo: Amazon)

Memories of Information

Fisher-Price recall affects all Rock & N's Play models and consumers should "immediately stop using the product and contact Fisher-Price for refund or coupon, "the recall notice says.

Another recall message on Mattel's website provides two-part instructions It will be sent from the sleeping room to Fisher-Price for the reimbursement process.

"If you have owned the Fisher-Price Rock Play Sleeper 6 months or less, you will receive a full cash refund for the recommended retail price," says the message. "If you include your receipt, you will be refunded for the receipt amount, including paid sales taxes. "

Consumers who have owned the product longer" will receive a voucher to redeem a new Fisher-Price product, according to how long you have owned Fisher-Price Rock & # 39; N Play Sleeper. "

For more information, contact Fisher-Price online at www.service.mattel.com and click" Recalls & Safety Alerts "or call 866-812-6518 9 am to 6 pm ET Monday through Friday. 19659003] Consumers can learn about the reporting of potentially dangerous products at www.consumersafety.org and www.saferproducts.gov.

Contributor: Meaghan M. McDermott, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

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