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First on CNN Business: GM and Bechtel plan to build thousands of electric car charging stations across the US

Adding more fast charging stations should boost the sale of electric cars. One of the biggest concerns Americans have about electric cars is whether there will be enough places to charge them, according to a recent AAA survey.

GM will provide the data and expertise needed to place chargers in the places they are best used, the two companies said. In the meantime, Bechtel will provide its own expertise in construction, construction and permits for the stations.

None of the companies are planning to deposit money in this project. The two companies will create their own company to build the charging network, and other companies are invited to invest in it. Neither GM nor Bechtel wanted to mention potential investors, while the discussion is still ongoing.

"Charging infrastructure is a significant need, and we believe this market will really grow," said Keith Hennessey, president of Bechtel Enterprises, the project development arm of Bechtel who will work with GM on the project. "We believe that with the involvement of two companies such as General Motors and Bechtel, this will be attractive to external investors."

It's a type of event Bechtel has used previously in other industries, Hennessey said. For example, Bechtel collaborated with ConocoPhillips ( COP ) to create a business that built liquid natural gas facilities in Australia.

"We have had a great presence in power generation and power transmission for many years." Hennessey said. "And we have also built different types of transport infrastructures, highways, airports, railways, etc. The electrification of transport is basically the convergence of two core markets for us."

  The charging network GM suggests with Bechtel would work with many different electric cars, not just GM. But it should be in favor of GM's sale of electric cars.
Electrify America, a company financed by Volkswagen ( VLKAF ) as part of the settlement of the electric vehicle. The diesel emission failure scandal rolls out an EV charging network that in the coming years will also have thousands of chargers. Tesla ( TSLA ) also has its own charging network with hundreds of chargers.

GM and Bechtel's high-speed network will not be limited to major highways, where most high-speed networks have concentrated on now, the leaders said. Chargers will also be located in densely populated cities where many potential EV owners who live in apartment buildings and condominiums may not have homewards.

"The way we think, we want to put chargers where they should have the greatest influence on EV adoption, wherever it may be," said Mike Ableson, GM's Vice President for EV Infrastructure and Charging. they will actually be in urban areas. "

The company will partly rely on data from General Motors cars, both electric and petrol, to learn when and where people tend to drive and park. The company will see on data from millions of vehicles through GM's OnStar system.

"Our rapid-charging hypothesis is that people charge where their cars already spend time, right?" Ableson said. "And thanks to this anonymized opt-in data, we have a lot of insight into it. "

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