FIRST NOTICE: Arctic Blast Bringing Snow, Rain to Parts of New England

We hit air masses just across the northeast on Monday night. Cold air to the north and more snow filling all over the North, mild air to the south and drier.

On Monday night, the snow continues to fill over northern England, while southern New England remains mostly cloudy with a drizzle and temperatures around 50.

Tuesday morning things get interesting. We have a first alert on Tuesday for the winter mix, and another on Wednesday for the biting cold to follow.


There will be snow over Northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and a winter mix with light icing over the Berkshires, to Worcester Hills and into Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Scattered rain heads to Connecticut, while Boston and Providence stay dry around 7:1[ads1]5 p.m. At 10am, heads into Boston with a temperature around 50 degrees.

The freezing line falls southeast toward Hartford, Worcester and Portland. Snow continues to fall over northern New England and it will be a difficult day of travel with slippery and snowy roads.

After 6 p.m. At noon we will see temperatures crash over southern New England and the rainfall will change to wet snowflakes in Boston and Providence. Snow is starting to subside in Hartford, Berkshires, Vermont and Northern New Hampshire around 1996

Light snow continues in Boston through 6 p.m. will then decline from northwest to southeast Massachusetts during the evening tour. Watch the ice develop on the roads as the temperature drops below freezing for the rest of the night!

  TIME LINE: hour by hour Watch the storm of the week TIME LINE: hour by hour look at this week's Storm


Tuesday afternoon we will have Scattered coatings around Boston and southeast of New England. A 1-inch coating is expected in Worcester Hills, 1 to 3 inches to Connecticut, the Berkshires and southern New Hampshire. Central Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine will see about 3 to 6 inches by around 1 foot as you go further north and above higher elevations. We expect 1 to 3 inches to around 1 inch along the Maine coast.

Record Cold:

Bitter cold will follow our rainfall on Tuesday. Temperatures go from the 50s in the morning in southern New England to the 20s after noon. The wind will be between 25 and 35 mph from the northwest Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning. This means that our wind turbines will be in their teens on Tuesday evening, around zero Wednesday morning, and in their teens on Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday Wednesday morning will be in record territory again for most of New England. The record low in Boston is 14 (1883) and in Worcester it is 15 (1986). We are looking for a low ride in our teens. Wednesday afternoon can give us more records with record cold highlights in the forecast in the low 30s to mid 20s. The record high in Boston is 36 (1874) and in Worcester 32 (2013).

10-day forecast:

We dry off for most of the end of the week and our temperatures change to the upper 40s of Friday. Friday to Saturday we get another shot with cold air and the chance of a storm north. Next week looks more seasonal with the highlights around 50, but also with a chance of rain every day.

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