First, look at Teslas Sentry Mode HAL 9000 & # 39; Space Odyssey & # 39; Easter eggs

An image from a model 3 owner has given a brief, first look at Tesla's recently released Sentry Mode while the system was activated. As it turns out, Tesla's latest security feature includes a very fitting and cool Easter when activated – HAL 9000's dominant glossy eye from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey .

The image of the activated Sentry Mode was posted on r / TeslaMotor's subreddit by u / Spamium, which was lucky enough to receive the security update today. As shown by Tesla's blog post about the feature, Sentry Mode has a clear warning on model 3 center view, with the words "Recording", "Sentry Activated" and "Protected by Tesla" visible on the screen.

An image of the Sentry Mode screen can be seen below.

Tesla's Sentry Mode has a cool reference to "2001: A Space Odyssey". – The red eye of HAL 9000, one of the sci-fi industry's most notable villains to date. (Photo: Spamium / Reddit)

Using a HAL 9000 Easter egg as the headline for the Sentry Mode screen, makes sense for Sentry Mode, considering the character's fame in sci-fi cinema. In 2001: A Space Odyssey the HAL 9000 is an AI that controls the systems of the Discovery One spacecraft. During the film, HAL becomes 9000 more dangerous, resulting in death to all but only a member of the ship's crew. HAL was pictured in the sci-fi classic as a camera lens that contained a yellow or red dot, giving the impression that the computer has an all-seeing eye.

Given the Sentry Mode features, the HAL 9000's red eye is a very accurate representation of the security feature. With Sentry Mode enabled, the external cameras of Tesla's electric cars will start recording videos of the surroundings. This would allow them to catch would be thieves in action. Based on Tesla's blog post about the recently released feature, it seems that the Tesla member model 3 was in the "Alert" mode when the picture was taken.

First, look at Teslas Sentry Mode HAL 9000 & # 39; Space Odyssey & # 39; Easter egg

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