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When FireEye reported revenues last month, the outlook was a bit small, so the security provider decided to be proactive and make a big bargain. Today, the company announced that it has bought Verodin for $ 250 million. The deal was closed today.

The startup had increased over $ 33 million since it opened its doors five years ago, according to Crunchbase data, and seems to have given investors a decent return. With Verodin, FireEye gets a security validation provider; that is, a company that can run a review against the existing security setup and find gaps in coverage.

It seems to be a useful tool for keeping in the security arm, and may possibly explain the price tag. Perhaps it could also help put FireEye apart from the wider market, or fill in a gap in its own platform.

FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia certainly sees the potential for his latest purchase. "Verodin allows us to automate security efficiency testing using the sophisticated attacks we use hundreds of thousands of hours to respond to, and provides a systematic, quantifiable and continuous approach to security program validation," he said in a statement.

Chris Key, Verodin's co-founder and CEO, sees the purchase through the standard acquisition lens. "By joining FireEye, Verodin is expanding its ability to help customers take a proactive approach to understanding and limiting the unique risks, inefficiencies, and weaknesses of their environments," he said in a statement. In other words, as part of a larger company, we will do more quickly.

While FireEye is planning to incorporate Verodin into its on-prem and managed services, it will continue to sell the solution as a standalone product as well.

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