Ferrari First PHEV and Death Stranding & # 39;

Measure SF90 Stradale. Ferrari's fastest supercar is also the first plug-in hybrid

Ferrari SF90 Stradale has a 4-liter, 769-horsepower turbo V8 with a trio of electric motors (217HP efficient horsepower) that can combine the car to 62MPH in 2.5 seconds. With its new powertrain, a torque-driven drive wheel drive, a faster eight-speed double clutch and a lower overall weight, the SF90 around Ferrari's own test track comes one second faster than LaFerrari.

This is the third, just go with it. Amazon presents $ 90 Echo Show 5

Amazon says Echo Show 5 is meant for the nightstand or desk, explaining its compact form factor. The Echo Show 5 has a camera over its 5.5-inch display, unlike Google's Nest Hub, but it has a physical shutter. Another tweak for privacy consciousness is the ability to use Alexa to wipe out recordings. Right now, Alexa can clear a day of own memory, and soon it has a command that deletes the last thing you said from the log.

So, it's like Waze. Google Maps & # 39; speed limits & radar locations come in 40 countries

After performing limited tests in the United States and elsewhere, Google Maps rolls out speed limits and both fixed and mobile radar locations in over 40 countries: Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, UK, India, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Morocco, Namibia, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia and Zimbabwe.

Mads Mikkelsen! Hideo Kojima's death string comes to PS4 November 8, 19659006]

Sony has revealed more details about its upcoming PS4 block bu Ster, Death Stranding in a new eight-minute trailer. According to his creator, Hideo Kojima, "As Sam Porter Bridges, you will endeavor to break sections of the community and, if so, create new bonds or" Strands "with other players around the world. Through your experience playing the game, I hope You are going to understand the true meaning of falsifying relationships with others. "

Oh, and if you choose $ 200 Collector's Edition, you also get a lifestyle" bridge-baby "pod of your own. Pre-orders are open now.

A little work. Microsoft teases a "modern OS" with "seamless updates"

According to Microsoft exec Nick Parker – and outlined in a similar Microsoft blog post – the company's future operating system will provide a set of "enablers" and "delighters" that take care of things like seamless updates, security as standard, persistent performance and constant connectivity.

But wait, there's more. ..

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