FedEx Ground expands Sunday delivery

The company will start delivering packages through its ground service seven days a week.

FedEx ( FDX ) has long delivered packages on Sundays during the peak holiday season. But next January, it will keep seven-day ground services going year-round for "the majority of the US population," the company said in a press release this week.
The move comes as e-commerce has overhauled the delivery landscape. Amazon has its in-house shipment network, threatening traditional shipping companies like FedEx and UPS ( UPS )
But FedEx says it's not all about Amazon ( AMZN )

"E-commerce is much bigger than any one company," a spokesperson said in an emailed statement. "The average daily volume for small parcels in the US is expected to double ̵[ads1]1; from 50 million to 100 million – by 2026."

The company is already working with Walmart and Walgreens to provide next-day shipping, and it has a partnership with local stores hubs, the spokesperson said


So-called "last mile" deliveries, or the trip from a distribution center to a person's doorstep, have long been a logistical challenge for shippers without the network of hometown post offices like the one run at the US Postal Service.

Amazon, UPS and FedEx have all used USPS to take packages on the final stretch to customers' doors. But the government-run postal service is in bad financial shape. And all three companies are working on ways to make more last mile deliveries without USPS.

FedEx said that nearly two million SmartPost packages were previously delivered to the US Postal service for delivery will now be delivered by FedEx's own ground operations. SmartPost packages are lightweight shipments destined for residences.

 FedEx turns to the construction delivery robot

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