FDA leader Scott Gottlieb, in an interview with US Jayne O & # 39; Donnell, announces new rules on how and where flavored wrap juice can be sold.

Commission for Food and Drug Administration Scott Gottlieb takes up the pressure on Juul and Marlboro maker Altria, accusing leaders of rejecting promises they have made to fight juvenile arms in the light of Altria's investment of 12.8 billion dollars ie cigarette maker late last year.

Gottlieb calls the company's CEOs to the agency's headquarters to explain his strategy and again threatened to withdraw e-cigarettes out of the market if no more is done to reduce "epidemic" levels

The deal gives Gottlieb questions whether the cigarette manufacturer really is obliged to reduce youth gun, he said in an interview Thursday.

In September, Gottlieb commissioned the five largest e-cigarette manufacturers, including Juul and Altria, to submit plans describing how they planned to curb juvenile arms. Altria was one of the industry's strongest voices in connection with the FDA's assessment of e-cigarettes this fall, and said publicly that nicotine buckets and fruity flavors attracted the children to the products. Altria said it was planned to withdraw their own versions from shelves.

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Altria's comments after investing in Juul in December were very different. Juuls nicotine buckets and fruity flavors have become so popular with teenagers, "Juuling" has become a verb synonymous with weapons. When the agreement was announced, Altria told investors that they planned to use the distribution experience to get Juul into more stores and on better shelves.

"I'm worried," Gottlieb told CNBC in a telephone interview. "Has anything changed? Do they have new data? Do they have a new understanding? Because they only made a very big commitment to supporting the expansion of pod-based products, as they said, contributing to the youth epidemic."

Gottlieb calls Altria CEO Howard Willard and Juul, CEO Kevin Burns, to the agency's headquarters outside Washington to explain his strategy.

Juul said it was suspended sales of its fruity flavors to dealers in November. At that time, Juul outlined a new policy that the stores had to follow if they wanted to resell Juul's flavors.

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Juul stressed, however, that it would keep tastes out of shops to the FDA Issued guidance on where businesses could sell flavors. Gottlieb in November announced that the agency would limit sales of flavors to age-restricted stores such as gun stores. The FDA has still not issued formal policy guidance, but Gottlieb on Thursday said the agency would publish it within the next 30 days.

Gottlieb said he was leaving his first meeting with Juul and thought he and the company shared that flavors contributed to the product's appeal to children.

"If my understanding is wrong, I must be re-educated," he said.

Juul spokesman Matt David said the company is "committed to Alliance Willard sent a letter to Gottlieb last month and said he wanted to meet Gottlieb to discuss Altria's investment and how it can help more adult smokers quit by switching to Juul's nicotine pods.

"At the same time, we know that the prevention of juvenile use of e-dam products is still a critical priority in preserving the long-term viability of e-smokers for adult smokers who cannot or will not quit," Willard said.

Altria said it still agrees with Gottlieb that "underage vaping must be addressed" and is "obliged to be part of the solution", according to a statement Thursday.

"We are looking forward to meeting with the commissioner, "Altria spokesman Steve Callahan said.

Gottlieb also noted that the FDA can always remove Juul's products from the market. All e-cigarettes would come off shelves last year while the agency reviewed their security, but Good lieb gave manufacturers a statement on August 8, 2022. He threatened Thursday to reverse that decision.

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While Gottlieb said he hopes it is not necessary, the agency will "absolutely" need that if teenage waxing trends don & # 39; Don't reverse their course.

Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's National Youth Tobacco Survey showed that the number of high school students who used e-cigarettes increased 78 percent in just one year. The number of middle school students who used e-cigarettes increased by 48 per cent in the same period.

Gottlieb said he understands that weaponry is a cultural phenomenon that should not just go straight away. However, the agency cannot accept another big increase on top of those it saw last year.

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