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FAQ: What happens to prepaid customers from Boost, Virgin or Sprint under Dish?

The long wait for New T-Mobile is finally coming to an end with approval from the Department of Justice to complete a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile. One thing you may not have seen coming into this was Dish Network that bought Sprint Prepaid, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile along with Sprint's 800Mhz range. So what does this mean for current prepaid customers?

By combining the new Sprint spectrum with its existing low-band spectrum portfolio, Dish will build a nationwide 5G network to serve its new customers. But what happens in the meantime? Let's try to answer some of the most pressing questions.

What happens to existing customers?

If you are a current Sprint Prepaid, Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile customer, you will be transferred to the new T-Mobile network in phases. Customers will continue to use the new T-Mobile network as Dish Network begins work on the new 5G network. As this new nationwide 5G network is completed, customers with 5G phones will be able to transfer to the new network where it is available with the new T-Mobile network as a backup.

Fortunately, this situation allows customers to roam the New T-Mobile network until the development is complete. Current customers will remain on the old Sprint network until they can be transferred to the new T-Mobile network.

What happens to new customers?

New customers will be registered in the new T-Mobile network immediately. As the new network grows and the devices become compatible, more and more devices begin to connect to the new network. If you are able to move to the new T-Mobile network, you should easily access Dish's new network when it opens in new areas.

How long will it take?

A seven-year transition period will allow prepaid customers to use Sprint's old network or access the new T-Mobile network. This change means that customers will eventually switch to primarily using only Dish's own 5G network with new Dish wireless customers. Given Dish's aggressive approach to wireless as well as the comprehensive collection of low band spectrum for 5G, coverage can be expanded very quickly. Dish promises 70% of Americans will be covered by their 5G network by 2023.

Dish co-founder and chairman Chalie Ergen is confident of the new network and says in a press release: "Our significant investments, constant innovation, aggressive pricing and customer engagement led us to become the third largest pay-TV provider, and as we move into the wireless business, we will once again serve customers by disrupting established and old networks, this time with the country's first standalone 5G broadband network. "

What if there is no coverage on the new network where it was before?

Until this new network is fully built, customers will have access to New T-Mobile's network as an MVNO and will be able to roam on it when the new network is unavailable. It is impossible to know exactly how coverage will compare to the current network, since it will be distributed using other technology and spectrum, but with Dish using its own low band spectrum along with the 800Mhz spectrum it receives from Sprint, coverage can be very good , but we don't know yet how speed will compare in this new 5G network.

Will employees make the switch?

Dish immediately buys the more than 400 employees for the companies as well as the nationwide independent retail network for the more than 7500 stores operating today. They have not announced any intention of reducing this, but it is not quite possible to know what the future holds for some of those working for some of the networks involved with agreements as large as this.

So what now? [1
9659004] Don't worry – if you're a current Sprint, Boost or Virgin prepaid customer, your service won't come any way, nor will it increase prices at any time. But it may be worth looking around to see if you can find something cheaper in the long run.

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