Family kicked off the plane after passengers complain of body odor

MIAMI (CBS) – A Michigan family is furious after they were kicked off an airplane over trouble with body odor. The Adler family boarded their American Airlines flights shortly before they said they were asked to leave because the passengers complained about their smell.

Mobile video shows a family member talking to the airline after they were started from the plane. [19659004] Adlers say they were told the luggage would be taken off the plane, but it did not happen and just let them have their clothes on their backs.

"They said there were people on the plane complaining that you have BO, our crew smelled it and the pilot smelled it and the pilot said we can't let you fly on this plane because BO is so bad," said Yehuda Adler . "I have children at home, they are waiting for me, I need to come home. I said it's because of my religion you kicked me off the plane, it was anti-Semitism that you kicked me off the plane. "

In a statement, American Airlines said that" the Adler family was being asked to ablate last night after several passengers, along with our crew members, complaining about the body's odor.

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