Falcon Transport in Youngstown announces sudden closure and hundreds of drivers encrypt

JOUNGSTOWN, Oh – Falcon Transport Co. made an abrupt announcement this weekend that they officially closed.

The news emerged after an email was sent to employees from Jayson Calhoun on April 27.

"We are sorry to inform you that Falcon Transport Co. will not be able to continue operating and will be effective today. Please cancel any work you do for the Company immediately. You are not expected to return to work. look for further information we send about this situation, "he wrote.

FOX 8 was notified by several employees who claim they were not notified and have no idea they will ever be paid. 19659002] Kathy Riehle, who lives in New York, said she was able to talk to a company's official about the situation.

He told me he was in contact with everyone, Riehle said. "He said we can get our salary Monday if not, we can take legal steps."

According to the federal government's SAFER system, Falcon has 585 drivers and 723 cars.

FOX 8 has come out to the company for an official statement and has not heard back.

US Congressman Tim Ryan, who represents this area and is a democratic candidate for the president, said that the news is heartbreaking and that he is looking at it.

"We need national policies to help create the new jobs of the future," Ryan said.

"Whenever a business closed this great like Lordstown, accidents are linked to support companies on many other people. It is a domino effect, unfortunately for many," says Liberty Township Trustee Jodi Stoyak to Fox 8.

This is an evolving story Stay with FOX 8 for updates.


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