Facebook's massive outbreak was the result of a server configuration change

The accident, which plagued Facebook's flagship service, as well as Facebook-owned properties Instagram and WhatsApp, lasted nearly 14 hours, according to CNN . DownDetector, a site that allows users to report when a service does not work, first received a flood of reports from around 12:01 ET . The site received thousands of reports of problems every hour from users around the world, peaking at over 12,000 at 21:00 ET.

Facebook first published the problem Wednesday afternoon, and confirmed in a tweet that "Some people currently have difficulty accessing the Facebook family of apps." The company also tells concerns that the outbreaks were the result of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. The confirmation came at 1:49 ET and it would be 11 hours before the problem was finally resolved. At 12:41 ET Thursday morning, Instagram confirmed it was back online via Twitter.

While outbreaks are a rare occurrence for Facebook, this was the second notable occurrence in recent months. Back in November, the company had a similar problem that left Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp unavailable to some users. This error was the result of a "routine test", according to the company.

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