Facebook's founder Chris Hughes allegedly has lobbying for breakups

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Facebook's founder Chris Hughes has called for a breakdown of the social media giant.

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Facebook's founder Chris Hughes who has called for the social media giant, has spoken to US government officials and regulators looking at the company's market power, according to the Washington Post and The New York Times.

Hughes has claimed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has too much power and that regulators should break up the company from Instagram and WhatsApp, which the social network has acquired.

His lobbying effort comes as the Federal Trade Commission looks at antitrust concerns against Facebook. The US Department of Justice also said this week that they were looking at anti-competitive concerns about "market-leading online platforms", such as social media companies, and suggested that the review would affect Facebook.

At these meetings, Hughes presented a 39-page sliding deck that describes why Facebook should be broken up, Posten reports. Along with Scott Hemphill of New York University and Tim Wu of Columbia University, Hughes has visited the FTC, DOJ, and State Attorney General, according to The New York Times.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The social network has argued that breaking up the company will not solve its problems such as policing hate speech and mediation.

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