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Facebook says it needs more regulation, not a breakup

Clegg claimed that Facebook was really a large company made of "many smaller pieces", each of which competed against several rivals, and was not dominant in some markets. It had & # 39; only & # 39; 20 percent of the US online ad space, for example. The former politician also claimed that the antitrust law was meant to protect customers by ensuring low prices and high quality, not "punishing" a company of disagreements or size. "Big in itself is not bad," he said.

Instead, Exec suggested that there be more rules to keep companies accountable and ensure that the rules were "consistent" with government values. Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberk met French president Emmanuel Macron to argue for several legislative responses.

It is not certain that op-ed will weaken political leaders in terms of a Facebook breakup. While the company characterizes as a number of smaller teams competing in different fields, politicians like Elizabeth Warren have claimed that Facebook buys companies such as Instagram and WhatsApp just to swallow up the competition. And although the size itself does not constitute an antitrust breach, Facebook routinely mentions that it earns about a quarter of the human population ̵[ads1]1; there is a large amount of influence on stretching. The site may need a more detailed response if it ever met a potential split.

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