Facebook prohibits personality quizzes for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Facebook prohibits personality quizapps, which for years have been able to collect and store a lot of information about their users. The ban comes a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where it turned out that the computer company had achieved information on up to 87 million people through the quiz app "thisisyourdigitallife."

To be clear, the personality quiz was not the problem here. While providing an easy way for conscientious developers to gather lots of data – they are committed to providing personal information – the problem was that Facebook allowed developers to collect information about friends of friends and never thoroughly enforced policies to secure that the data was kept safe and used only for purpose.

The ban on personality quizzes is part of a wider breakdown of Facebook on which developers can do and gain access across the platform. Facebook unlocks a number of older APIs for accessing user data, and it prevents developers from accessing new data if a person hasn't used the app for the past 90 days.

Facebook announced some more serious changes more than a year ago, and some of them, like the 90-day access limit, come into force now. Facebook does not say that the personality quiz is because of Cambridge Analytica, of course ̵[ads1]1; instead it is about removing apps with "minimal utility" from the platform.

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