Facebook finally launches Instagram Scheduling Through Creator Studio

A recent update to Facebook's Creator Studio has added a much-sought-after feature for Instagram users and marketers: the ability to schedule Instagram posts and IGTV broadcasts ahead of time.

The news spread across social media marketing channels earlier this week, but has remained somewhat quiet on the rest of the Internet. Still, this update is definitely a big deal, removing a major pain point for professional photographers who use Instagram to market their services and spread the word about their brand.

Facebook updated the Instagram API to allow third-party applications planning last year, but all of today's third-party solutions are limited: able to do some things but not others. Facebook's own implementation obviously has none of these limitations.

In an in-depth look at their blog, explained exactly how the IG planning process works. To use this feature, you must have an Instagram Business account linked to a Facebook page. From there, you can just click on the Instagram icon at the top of the Creator Studio dashboard and you will get an interface to manage, post and schedule all your Instagram and IGTV posts.

You can select a date and time for posting, add tags and locations, crop your photos before posting, and upload more photos to a carousel record. Just like scheduling Facebook posts, Creator Studio will show you all the posts in your queue so you can change plans by fact.

If you use Instagram randomly, this update won't make a big difference to you, but we have a feeling that professional photographers using Instagram to find clients and increase the visibility of their business will welcome the update. Assuming they can get past this latest privacy scandal, that is.

(via Social Media Today)

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