Everywhere there is an Amazon boxer “/> In the Amazon crusade to fill each hook and crane of the known universe with smirking cardboard boxes, nowhere is safe.

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19659004] Given the name "Counter", Amazon announced a new program today where it will work with Rite Aid for to turn mainly these retail outlets – an estimated 1500 at the end of the year to parcel holding facilities for
e-commerce giant shipments. Amazon is also looking for other chains to work with what doesn't have a moonlight as a department store.

What is a bit confusing about the Counter is that it does not work differently than Amazon's existing campaign to install Lockers all over the creation, where they are called "Pickup Points." Near my apartment, places for Lockers include a Mattress Firm, 7-11, Western Beef, and a century 21. Since buying the entire food market about two years ago, Amazon has filled Lockers in a good number of these places also with a little success.

Counter is also not quite different from the Amazon plan to sell building owners to build Lockers into their multi-dwelling homes, as it calls Apartment Lockers. It also comes with plans to get consumers to install Amazon-branded smarthome products that put the home garage or car case in Lockers.

Perhaps money changes hands as part of the Counter program, although independent studies have shown that they are participating in the Amazon scheme The scheme leads to an increase in sales, but from an outsider perspective, Amazon seems to have access to space they do not owner at room owner's expense: Key, Ring and Apartment Lockers are not free. It is also unclear whether independent chains, such as 7-11, pay the cost of Locker installation, or if Rite Aid pays its workers for the work of retrieving packages for what is effective, non-customers.

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