Everything we know so far about groundbreaking new cruise ships, Celebrity Edge

C elebrance The Kelly Hoppen-designed Celebrity Edge, Cruise Line's first new six-year ship, has come to its new home in Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades. The 2,918 passenger vessel is the first of four Edge Class ships that Celebrity has ordered for delivery by 2022.

Ripping up the rule books, Celebrity Edge has the first Magic Carpet, a cantilevered floating platform that can be lowered, elevated and used in a variety of ways – from a tender platform on deck two to a restaurant, bar and a live music venue on top of the ship.

The highly anticipated ship will start its initial sailing season, alternating cruise to East and West Caribbean in December.

Here's all we know about the innovative ship so far …

It has a Magic Carpet

This is the first time an extra room (the size of a tennis court) has been cantilevered outside the side of a ship. It will travel 1[ads1]3 floors, changing location according to the deck on which it is located. On deck 16 there is dinner on the edge; At 14 o'clock it goes to the pool deck, on deck five, it extends the ships restaurants into the al fresco seating for 100 and on deck two it swings over the ocean, ready to wake passengers on excursions.

Edges Tuscan restaurant, as its name suggests, serves southern Italian-inspired dishes.

A butler will pack your small pieces

If you live in one of the ship's fancy Sky Suites, you pack and packing and are all part of the service. Your butler can also deliver lunch and dinner to your suite and flat white on request (from Cafe al Bacio). Sky Suite passengers have access to the sexy and salubrious retreat – a little bit of Ibiza at sea with its own sun terrace, pool, resort-style cabins, poolside bar and restaurant.

It's a roof garden …

. .. with his own resident horticulturist. Come here for movies, yoga classes, outdoor dining (at Hagegrill) and live music – or admire the tree-top sculptures.

You can find Eden

From "chilful" to "sinful" blurb about the three-story arena. We are also not sure about it, but we will have fun finding out.

Get excited about Eden, a place that "ensures iconic design, culinary and entertainment"

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It's a Michelin star chef on board

With a trapped crowd of about 300 hungry passengers, Cornelius Gallagher has a job. A supporter at the New York Foodie scene, he has also worked at the legendary El Bulli, in Spain. On edge, Gallaghers culinary shizzle will find themselves on Luminae and Luminae menus at The Retreat.

What's more on the menu?

On a "culinary disclosure" of Celebrity Edge in New York earlier this year, dishes included kumamoto oysters with yuzu mignonette (from its raw at 5 Japanese restaurant); hickory smoked brisket with mustard vinegar (Rooftop Garden Grill) and strawberry pie with guancial hand-rolled pasta with hardened meat (Tuscan restaurant).

We like the Imperial Tower's appearance (served on the Seafood Plateau at Magic Carpet). The price of $ 75 includes a whole cold water lobster tail, lobster and crab salad, six chilled shrimp, 12 oysters, two king crab legs, sea bass ceviche and six crab claws.

With nearly 7000 sq ft of glass, Eden has more outward-facing glass than any other space at sea

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Do not call them "cabins"

Today's home is about "living art" according to Kelly Hoppen MBE, who has waved the inner pole over all the suites aboard the Celebrity Edge. They are certainly not like something we have seen on the lake before: in some rooms the entire living area becomes a porch; others have private plunge pools.

Some villas cost £ 24,300 *

Edge Villas takes two Hops redesign to a whole new level. This is apartment-to-sea territory – with two floors of glass-curtain windows and an easily-flooded atrium staircase. The slice of the opposition is a sparkling three foot deep plunge pool that looks out to the sea. Press a button in your Infinite Balcony cabin and the glass wall will slide back. [*for a week – see package at the end]

You can sleep near the captain

Two extra special suites aboard the bridge where the captain is resident. The goal of a large 2,500 m² fills the iconic suites on a large porch, which is over the "wing" of the bridge, and has a whirlpool and shaded cabana with a sofa bed. Inside is the living room, dining room and bedroom encased in 82 meter glass. Oh, and it's a butler's pantry for entertaining.

The Luminae restaurant of the ship offers an "eclectic" menu of Michelin star chef Cornelius Gallagher

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There is a quartz bed in the spa

Elemis spa board Celebrity Edge has an MLX Quartz treatment table. When you lie on the hot crystals, quartz is said to cut through your knots. In addition to the quartz bed there are two crystal massage treatments that use amber and quartz poultice balm, and a giant amethyst crystal is also used in the steam bath. As the vapor opens your pores, the energy in the crystals should pull out the tension.

You can throw your own house party

Now this is smart. If you are part of a family group or wedding party, room types and configurations allow groups of six, 10 (choose a number) to be accommodated as a party. In fact, there are 170 contiguous room options. Of the 918 rooms aboard, 16 available rooms and 16 are designed specifically for single travelers.

The mattresses are infused with eucalyptus …

… and are handmade in Italy. Along with temperature-regulating eucalyptus, the hypoallergenic king-size mattresses contain a layer of high-quality cashmere. If it does not ensure a good night's sleep, we are not sure what will.

Changing ship, Celebrity Edge

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How do I book?

A seven-night West Caribbean flight / cruise departure April 14, 2019 costs from £ 2,994 per person in an Oceanview cabin, including flights. The cruise is a round trip from Fort Lauderdale and talks on Key West, George Town (Cayman Islands), Cozumel and Costa Maya. The same suite in a suite costs £ 5,839pp and £ 24,300 in an Edge Villa (

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