Everybody checks on your moms, Marshall's just started an online store

It's an exciting day for moms around the country, and a scary day for their daughters who regularly field text messages with photos of highlighted sports bra and ask, "Do you want this?" You can now shop at Marshalls from the comfort of your own home.

The discount retailer launched its first online store ever Tuesday after announcing plans to do so in a February conversation with investors.

"Goodbye, my money!" Screamed many Marshalls. devoted to the store's Instagram post sharing the news.

Like its brick and mortar, the online store will include a rotating offering of goods for men, women, children and homes. The site also picked up a tip from Tinder and will introduce a mobile shopping feature that, according to a release from the brand, "lets buyers quickly view and sort product by swiping & # 39; left or right & # 39; favorite items and buy or save for later . ”

There is a huge shift for the city that has not been in price, which has thrived for years despite the fact that he is increasingly favoring e-commerce in an industry. In a Bloomberg piece from 201[ads1]6 that describes how TJX , the company behind Marshalls and other similar stores, has thrived without going digital, reporter Kim Bhasin spoke to revenue growth of more than 30 percent over the past five years, bringing in nearly $ 31 billion in sales that year.

That's it which makes the news surprising, but also not unique in the company. TJ Maxx, owned by the same parent company, has had an online store since 2013. Other discount retailers such as Burlington Coat Factory and Kohl, for example, also have an online ten

For Marshalls, the fact that inventory will change as regularly as it does in the store can only be exciting enough for those who usually just get the thrill of searching the stands personally for appointments. At first glance, we see Michelle Obama's book and a $ 15 satin pillowcase set. Home goods, which are also owned by TJX, do not currently have an online store.

Show the sound of a million emojis sent to family group conversations everywhere.

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